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Education and Training
To ensure your resource management program is a success, and the equipment selected operates at maximum efficiency, initial and ongoing education and training is a must.

Ecco-Technologies LLC, staff will provide the education and training required for janitorial, grounds maintenance and food service staff to monitor and maintain equipment and resource management programs in peak form.
Ecco-Technologies, LLC operator education and training programs are customized, and developed for each client based on the specifics of their facility and equipment. Education and training courses are comprehensive and formatted to be easily understood by all personnel, not just the facility operators. This will ensure the entire staff will understand the benefits of your resource management efforts and encourage their participation in all aspects of the program.

From the onset of facility start-up through performance testing along the way, Ecco-Technologies, LLC will continue conducting operator education and training courses. These sessions may include: compost theory and practice, the biology of the process, selection of feedstocks and bulking agents, calculating a compost mix using the materials available from your site, biofilters, odor control, troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, and production, utilization and marketing of saleable finished products. Staff will also be educated and trained on the operation and maintenance of each piece of machinery, troubleshooting repairs, and use of software that interfaces with composting equipment.