Waste is not waste, unless it is wasted
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In today's economy, successful implementation of a cost saving resource management program requires more than developing environmentally sound solutions. Ecco-Technologies, LLC creates innovative, flexible and efficient programs that can provide a return on investment never before possible.
And flexibility in financing is just as important as flexibility of design. All of our solutions are designed to keep your resource management program cash flow positive as close to start-up as possible. In fact, in many cases, this can be achieved from day one of the program's implementation.

To accomplish this, Ecco-Technologies, LLC looks at all aspects of your particular situation - from the type and volume of what you're currently landfilling, to the value and use of the finished compost or value-added product produced from your organic discards. We take into account your current direct and indirect expenses, other cash flows, and business planning issues to create unique, fiscally and environmentally sound financial solutions. Our financing programs enable you to replace costs with revenue generating end-products.

Ecco-Technologies, LLC partners with third party financing institutions to enable you to investigate a myriad of financing options you may qualify for:

Commercial Leases
Customized and creatively packaged to ensure optimal tax treatment, balance sheet management, the lowest possible down payments, and flexible payment terms.

Municipal Leases
Keep your project acquisition off the capital budget. Payments are not considered debt due to non-appropriation or abatement provisions.

Purchase Money Financing
Through our vast network of financial resources, you may qualify for affordable solutions outside of the traditional lending channels.

Joint Ventures
Ecco-Technologies, LLC is always looking for ways to partner with those interested in providing sustainable solutions designed to improve local, regional, and global environments and economies.