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GaiaRecycle, LLC
GaiaRecycle offers a comprehensive line of innovative organic waste recycling and animal oil extraction solutions which provide a highly-efficient process for decomposing and dehydrating food scraps and organic waste into a high-quality soil amendment

Modular Systems
GaiaRecycle systems employ the patented technology developed by Gaia Corporation and its 18 years of research and operational experience, to turn food scraps and other organic waste into a soil amendment* and energy resources. These systems have been in full production and deployed in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications in over eight countries.

Advanced built-in temperature & moisture sensors, and control system automate the entire process
No microorganism, enzymes, fresh water or other additives are required
Six-step deodorizer process
Proprietary blower chamber technology
Patented “double helix” shredder and blade design
Animal oil extraction system (optional)

Up to 90% volume & weight reduction; completes cycle generally in  8-11 hours; generates high-quality soil amendments*
Easy maintenance, hassle-free user experience
Eliminates unpleasant odors
Enables in-operation addition of new food scraps without  losing processing efficiency; provides maximum operation flexibility to machine operators
Prevents jamming-minimizes down time and lowers maintenance costs
Produces animal oil for high quality bio-diesel refinement from fatty content
Plant Systems
GaiaRecycle provides the know-how and technology scalability to deliver large organic waste recycling plants (up to 100+ tons) to address large amounts of organic waste from large food manufacturers, food producers or  livestock processing plants. With over 18 years of research and operational experience, the systems have been successfully deployed in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications.

Example Application
Seaweed waste processing
Yeong Gwang Nuclear Power Plant, Korea
(12 TON/DAY)
Example Application
Tofu byproduct (Okara) processing
GITO Tofu Factory, Japan
(24 TON/DAY)
Example Application
Tofu byproduct (Okara) processing
Gaia Corp., Korea
(60 TON/DAY)
Example Application
Ginseng byproduct processing
Ginseng Factory, Korea