Waste is not waste, unless it is wasted
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Green Mountain Technologies Inc
Green Mountain Technologies it's all about compost:

  • Since 1992 reducing environmental footprints, saving money and producing high quality compost

  • Making composting an approachable, affordable and successful undertaking for organizations of any size

  • Innovative design informed by the coupling of industry experience and ongoing research and development

  • Different circumstances demand different approaches to composting

  • Comprehensive product line that includes sophisticated large-scale technologies for biosolids, windrows, Aerated Static Pile (ASP) solutions, cutting-edge software and probes and some of the most popular in-vessel systems in the country

  • New York City Biosolids management plan and the construction of the organic waste composting facility for Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Designs have not only earned patents and accolades, but most importantly, have made many customers (and the environment) quite happy
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