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Mobile Units
The mobile capability of the BioReactor allows for site-to-site composting on demand. The 1 or 2-axel trailer that carries BioReactor is specifically built for safe conveyance of the system. Also the vessel has a reasonably small “foot print” depending on the size of the unit required (size is based on volume of waste and amendments to be composted).

• Available in 5’ and 6’ diameter vessels with various lengths.

It is ideally suited for facilities located in urban, highly populated, or environmentally challenged sites.

Due to its scaled-down size, the BioReactor is an excellent choice for:

• Golf Courses
• Universities
• Hospitals
• Restaurants
• Convention Centers
• Amusement Parks
• Shopping Malls

Available Sizes:
5'Diameter x 12' Long
6'Diameter x 12' Long
6'Diameter x 24' Long