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MOR Covers
Managed Organic Recycling, Inc (MOR) provides a complete line of compost covers for the organic feedstock industry. Our covers are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients as imposed by the compostable feedstock materials and/or regulatory requirements. Utilizing MOR's covers in an In-vessel Aerated Static Pile composting system improves both efficiency and performance process.

Managed Organic Recycling (MOR) "Platinum" Cover consists of a breathable membrane laminated between two outer layers of polyester. The breathable membrane provides a barrier that most long chain molecules, fatty acids, sulfur compounds and other volatile organic compounds cannot penetrate. The two outer layers provide UV protection and wear resistance extending the life of the cover. MOR "Platinum" Cover meets the strictest air board regulations on the capture of VOCs and NH3
MOR "Gold" Cover is a combination of (MOR) "Platinum" and "Silver" Covers. The top portion is constructed out of (MOR) "Platinum" membrane while the remainder consists of MOR's "Silver" material. The combination of material allows the pile to breath while protecting it from moisture and temperature looses. Ideal for moisture control in hot, windy climates, thus providing a quality finished product. The "Gold" cover can also be used in stabilization and curing phases of the composting process since most odorous compounds have already been destroyed.
The MOR's "Silver" Cover provides uniform compositing performance in the both temperature and moisture control while protecting your product from the elements. MOR's "Silver" Cover is ideal for the stabilization phase and storage of the finished product. Now compositing can be done regardless of the weather.