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Somat eCorect
Somat  eCorect, a high-speed food waste recycling machine. Available for the first time in the United States, Somat's eCorect is a revolutionary and environmentally-friendly waste decomposing machine.

The eCorect machine rapidly dehydrates food waste along with compostable disposables, producing a humus-rich soil amendment without the use of enzymes, fresh water or venting and with no other byproducts, resulting in zero sewer and landfill impact.

The eCorect machine reduces the weight and volume of food waste and scraps by 80 to 90 percent and recycles those food wastes into a high-quality organic soil amendment in less than 24 hours. Featuring an integrated revolutionary odor management system and high-efficiency heat recovery system, the eCorect can be fed any type of food waste and has zero landfill impact.
Available Models
Somat Model ET-250W
Somat Model ET-1000W
Somat Model ET-1500W